Wild Soul Firewalk Instructor Training – How Good Is It?

If you’re thinking about training to hold your own Firewalks then you want to be sure your training is as good as it possibly can be – for most people putting their own feet on hot coals is a scary thought, so to step into the role of leading others through the experience can be even scarier.  You need to ensure your training will leave you confident, competent, and legal, and I’ve worked really hard to ensure Wild Soul Firewalk Instructor Training is put together in a way that do just that!

This is clear from how many of my past students are out there holding their own Firewalks and Breakthrough Empowerment activities all around the world.

Wild Soul Firewalk Instructor Training includes a whole host of extras, at no extra cost, to ensure you have everything you need to bring these beautiful, life changing experiences to others.


What past students say about our Firewalk Instructor Training

What Wild Soul Firewalk Instructor Training Includes


5 Firewalks

Wild Soul Firewalk Training is 5 nights/6 days long, and we Firewalk every day – that means that you get a chance to grow your own Firewalking experience, which is especially important if you’ve never Firewalked before.

It also means that you get a much-needed opportunity to grow your experience of working with the fire.  Building beautiful Firewalk fires, lighting fires easily (without using smelly accelerants or blow-torches), tending the coals ready to be walked.  All of these skills are essential to have lots of practice of before you go out to the public for your first Firewalk.


International Accreditation

As well as giving you confidence in the standard of our trainings, and automatic access to membership-level at the IPHM, accreditation will make it easier for you to reach out to venues, enable you to access lower-cost insurance, and ensure that your own events are of a super-safe standard without that feeling like hard work.


Online Component

No, this doesn’t mean there’s loads of additional online learning to do!  But what you will find is reminders of much of the information we cover in live training.  What types of wood, what length arrows, how to protect the ground… it’s all there.

We also won’t try and sell you things like arrows or wooden boards at a huge mark-up price – instead, the online component includes information about stockists where you can purchase directly.  Saving you time, effort, and money.

There are also copies of all our documents such as Risk Assessments, Waivers, Site Surveys etc so you can just download these, add all your own information, and off you go.

Firewalk Instructors that have trained with others pay £1000 for access to this part of our training, but it’s all included for you within Wild Soul Training.


What others say about Wild Soul Firewalk Instructor Training

  But that’s not all you’ll get with Wild Soul Training – there’s more


1-to-1 at live training

Wild Soul Firewalk Instructor Training is set up to ensure you receive 1-to-1 attention from your trainer.  We do this by capping numbers to ensure your group isn’t rammed.  There’s space to ask me questions directly, and receive a little more support in areas where it might be needed straight from me, at the time you’re learning.

I’ve been certifying Firewalk Instructors since 2018, and still know them all by name.

You’ll never find all the accommodation at the site in Ireland full, even at times when courses have been fully booked 4 months in advance.


Mentoring through your first Firewalk

I would love to spend my time traveling the world attending students Firewalks, but of course this is not possible BUT, I do mentor students through their first Firewalk preparation via WhatsApp.

Want to check which wood might be best – shoot me through a message.

Want to double-check your timings with your planning – shoot me through a message.

You’ve built your fire, does it look ok? – shoot me through a picture.

Wild Soul Firewalk Instructor Training is good enough that you won’t NEED this level of support, BUT it’s still nice to have someone in your corner as you’re making the decisions for your first event, giving you extra confidence and clarity, and enabling you to focus on what you’re creating for your participants.


Prices still under £3000

While the cost of certifying in other practices, such as breathwork, has risen over and again in recent years, Wild Soul Firewalk Instructor Training is still well under £3000 for everything included.

Training is expensive enough for you to be reassured of our high standards without any corner-cutting, but low-cost enough for you to know that you’ll be able to swiftly make a good return on your financial investment, especially with all the additional support included with Wild Soul Training.


Vibrant Wild Soul alumni group

Going forward from your first event you don’t lose the ability to ask me, and other Wild Soul Firewalkers, questions.

Our alumni group is a vibrant forum where so many of my past students actively participate – asking questions, sharing pictures from their events, supporting one another, and creating International opportunities.

As quite a new feature, through the group you can also leave your details to be listed on our website too.

I’m also super-active in the group – answering questions, lighting candles for your walks, and sharing discount codes for my other courses – it’s a great space to be in.


Certification to work with other modalities

Wild Soul Firewalk instructor Training doesn’t just certify you to work with Firewalks, it includes certification to work with these other modalities

  • Glass Walk
  • Arrow Breaking with the throat
  • Wooden Board Breaking
  • Rebar Bending with the throat

This means that you leave equipped with an array of Breakthrough Empowerment activities to be able to take out to your participants, keeping them coming back time and again to take part in different workshops, ceremonies, and retreats.


What others say about Firewalk Training the wild soul way

Wild Soul Firewalker Instructor Training Summed Up


It’s difficult to sum-up Wild Soul Firewalk Training – yes you’ll leave with an array of new skills, the support you need to take them out to the World, and confidence in the knowledge that it’s all done to the highest possible standards.  But there’s more…

When I asked past students to comment on their training experience there were 3 phrases that came up over and again

  1. Life Changing
  2. Heart Opening
  3. New Family

I’m delighted that my trainings create such magical experiences for people who come along, and I still pinch myself that people travel from all over the world to be a part of them.  I wonder if you came along to a Wild Soul Training what you would say about the experience – there’s only one way to find out!


could training as a Wild Soul Firewalk Instructor be for you?


Firewalking definitely isn’t for everyone, but if this post has tweaked your interest why not click through to take my 2 minute quiz to find out if training as a Wild Soul Firewalk Facilitator could be a good fit for you.