What Should I Bring To A Firewalk?

I get asked this question all. the. time. Really, all the time. But the reality is the answer I give rarely satisfies the curious questioner. You see, you don’t really need to bring anything.

Of course, it is helpful if you wear clothes and footwear that will allow you easy access to bare feet. Some people like to have some wipes handy if their feet get mucky, and some like to bring some Aloe Vera jelly, just in case their feet feel super-hot afterwards…. they rarely hurt, but feel very tingly, like I explain here.

There’s nothing you really need to bring to a firewalk, but…

… saying you don’t need to bring anything other than yourself is not a very sexy answer, I realise.  It’s not a very exciting, is it?!

Then over the last couple of weeks I’ve been making up playlists for events and I found this song, and I thought that’s it! That’s what you should bring to a firewalk. Even me when I’m getting ready to walk, all anyone needs at a firewalk is a willingness to…

Bring your secrets, bring your scars Bring your glory, all you are
Bring your daylight, bring your dark Share your silence
And unpack your heart

I really love the sentiment behind these words, and hope you enjoy the full song.

Why not leave me a comment and let me know what song lyrics have inspired you to walk hot coals, or bring 100% of you.

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