Tantra Firewalk In Cornwall


We were invited by Hilary Spenceley from Shakti Tantra to provide a Firewalk for everyone taking part in their Tantra training/retreat in Cornwall.

Shakti Tantra is one of the leading Tantra organisations in the UK, and they wanted to provide a Firewalk for the people who had been taking part in a longer programme, on their last get-together of the course.

After chatting through the spiritual aspects of what they offer, and how they go about it, it was decided to have a firewalk on their last night together, where it would be ok for the delegates to remove their clothes during the experience, if they wanted to.

They also decided to have a Firedance where there would be much more freedom of movement allowed for everyone to really enjoy their time with the fire, once they’d had the initial experience of stepping through their fear and on to the hot coals.

They already had a venue in Cornwall in mind for the retreat, and when we checked, we were good to go with having the fire there, so we were full steam ahead for our Tantra Firewalk in Cornwall, and I was super-chuffed to be able to offer this experience for their group, where it already sounded like the participants were going to play 100% full out.

The Day Of The Tantra Firewalk

On the drive to the venue in Cornwall we received a call from the team at Shakti Tantra telling us that the weather was drawing in. Fast. Some parts of Cornwall are quite close to the coast, and can be very exposed – it was looking like the weather might not be kind to us for our Firewalk that evening.

When we arrived, it was quickly agreed that, rather than waiting for the end of the day for the firewalk, we should go ahead and bring the session forward, and the delegates could then enjoy a social evening, celebrating what they’d achieved earlier in the day.

We were really happy to stay flexible and change the plans to fit in with what the weather looked like it might be bringing, so it was all hands on deck to build the fire and prepare the ground for the firedance to come.

The Tantra Firewalk In Cornwall With The Weather

Once the fire was alight, the weather pulled in. I’ve never seen the fire jump so much over the field! I was pleased we’d left a good safe distance between the bushes and where the fire was. The wind really whistled through. The fire burned down really quickly, and there were less coals left than anticipated – but still plenty to rake out a beautiful circle for the firedance.

The participants chose to remove their clothes, play drums and rattles, and sing along to some songs they’d been doing earlier at their retreat. Several of them had never firewalked before, and were pretty nervous to begin with. But as the fire dance got going, they all leant into the experience and had a really good time.

After The Firewalk

Because we had held the firedance early to fit in with the weather, we then had time to kick back with the delegates in the Sauna and the pool in the evening. It was lovely to find out a bit more about what they’d been getting up to on the rest of the retreat, and spend the night at the venue, before clearing up and heading home the next morning.

Firewalks At Spiritual Retreats

The Tantra Firewalk in Cornwall was a great success. In fact, Firewalks make a great fit for all types of Spiritual Retreats, not just Tantra. If you’d like to find a Wild Soul Firewalk Instructor that could help you with a Firewalk for your retreat you can find out more about many of our facilitators here, or…

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