NLP Firewalk In Wales

A few years ago we were invited by Laura Evans from Unleash Your PotentialUnleash Your Potential to provide a Firewalk for her NLP Conference delegates.

Laura is one of the leading certified NLP training course providers in the UK, and wanted to provide an additional day for people who had already taken part in training programmes with her. As part of this, she was keen to offer her delegates the chance to raise their energy, and their expectations of themselves, in new and exciting ways.

After chatting through the different metaphor activities we can offer, right through from glass walking to arrow breaking with the throat, we soon decided to go for a Fire. And the idea of the NLP Firewalk in Wales was born.

Laura already had Miskin ManorMiskin Manor in mind as a venue for the day, so had to check with them that they were happy for us to hold the Firewalk on their pristine lawns. They were reassured that we could completely protect the ground, and we were good to go! I was super-happy to have my first firewalk in Wales lined up!… We’ve since returned to Miskin many times, holding the Firewalk on their helipad rather than protecting the lawns.

On The Day

nlp firewalk in wales setup

We turned up bright and early, and while the conference was getting underway with all things NLP inside, my team and I set everything up for the Firewalk outdoors – it was bright and sunny for the time of year, which always makes it more pleasant, but doesn’t really matter, as we can run firewalks in all weather conditions except for hurricanes. Literally.

Everything was ready to rock and roll in time for us to join the delegates for their buffet, before the Firewalk kicked off
They were all VERY excited, and keen to know how Firewalking was even possible.

When the time was right everyone came together outside for the lighting of the fire. It was a powerful time which gave everyone taking part the opportunity to set their intentions for what they’d like to gain from the firewalk, as well as thinking about behaviour patterns and beliefs that no longer served them that they might like to leave behind after their walk.

Then, leaving the firetender to look after our fire, we headed back indoors where I prepared everyone to walk in a safe but impactful way.

Some people were surprised that they could choose to walk more than once, and some had questions about what it would feel like, or what they should expect.

After about 90 minutes the fire had burned down enough to walk, and we all headed outside with excitement (as well as a lot of nerves)

A Great Success

Of course, it would be easy for me to tell you that the NLP Firewalk in Wales was a great success! I really enjoyed the event, and loved the energy and commitment to play full out that the delegates brought with them, but here’s some feedback we had from the day too…

“WOW! Where do I start … Lottie came to deliver a Firewalk for my NLP conference last night – 34 successfully completed the Firewalk experience! Lottie delivered the preparation for the group effortlessly – supportive, fun, engaging and informative. The Firewalk was something else

(totally beat my Tony Robbins Firewalk – hands down!). The attendees at the event are still raving about their experience. Thank You Lottie – I have no hesitation recommending you” – Laura Evans

“On Friday I firewalked NOT for ego, to feed my SOUL! My feet are still tingling… the fire changes you. The fire teaches you to leave behind your shit and empowers your SELF BELIEF to really start living for TODAY! I cannot thank Laura and Lottie enough for the opportunity the FIRE gave me” – Revolution Performance Mindset

Laura also put together a great video from the firewalk part of the event, adding to her social proof and ability to stand out head and shoulders above others NLP trainers for the opportunities she offers, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.
And of course, if you already offer training and events and would like to find out more about how you could include a Firewalk as part of these, please do get in touch and we can see if it might make a good fit for you and point you in the direction of your nearest Wild soul Firewalker.

could training as a firewalk instructor be for you?

Firewalking definitely isn’t for everyone, but if this post has tweaked your interest why not click through to take my 2 minute quiz to find out if training as a Wild Soul Firewalk Facilitator could be a good fit for you.