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Firewalk Instructor Training ~ Easter 2025

April 17, 2025 @ 5:00 pm - April 22, 2025 @ 1:00 pm

Firewalk Instructor Training Ireland at Easter

firewalk instructor training easter

Certification Training The Wild Souled Way

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Are you ready to step up and start changing lives?…

starting with your own?

Make this year the year you fully free your Wild Soul within Firewalk Instructor Certification Training


The ancient art of firewalking is an incredibly powerful metaphor that has the ability to be deeply impactful for all those involved,

You will walk away from this training with new dynamic tools to use for deep connection, and transformation.

And in the process of learning, you will revolutionise the way you view yourself, the world, and your business.

 We’re dedicated to supporting you to make it happen. 


Join Us For This uniquely Transformational Firewalk Instructor Training easter 2025


County Mayo, Ireland


April 17th-22nd 2025


£2695 with Payment Plans available

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You Will Not Find Anything Like The Experience Of Training as a firewalk instructor With Us Elsewhere


LOTTIE: Your training will be delivered by Lottie Moore, Internationally acclaimed Wild Soul Guide.  As someone who has taken the journey through successful Firewalk Instructor, Firewalk Instructor Trainer, and now Master Instructor Trainer, studying with an array of International teachers along the way, she will take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

One that can lead to more bookings, more client success, and more insight as you learn how these incredible metaphors will serve you.

Benefit fully from her many years of experience leading others through reconnection and breakthrough and guiding new instructors to do the same.  This training is guaranteed to raise your understanding of the world, along with your impact and influence on it. 

CERTIFICATION: Certification for this Firewalk Instructor and Breakthrough Empowerment Coach Training is through the Wild Soul Tribe, with 7 years of experience of certifying first class Firewalk Instructors around the world. 

Having worked with, and learned from, over 10 other Masters through the years, you’ll be stepping into the lineage of all the greats of the modern Firewalking movement.  

Giving you authority in the field right from your very first event, and standing out as something very special among Firewalk Facilitators.

COMMUNITY: Graduates of our Instructor Trainings & Speacha programs join a community of fire starter from around the world in our exclusive and vibrant alumni-graduates forum. 

OUR CURRENT IRELAND VENUE: Our venue in Ireland is a captivating mix of Hobbit Holes and small lodges.  We are able to enjoy a rural setting on Celtic land where magick abounds, whilst still having good quality beds, bathrooms, and mod-cons. 

We particularly recommend the sauna and hot tub to relax and have time to process your journey with us.

Accommodation and meals are available for the week for as little as €325.

Reconnection with this sacred land creates a bliss filled experience of wonder for you as your learn.


iphm accredited firewalk school

All of our Certification courses, including WILD SOUL FIREWALK INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION TRAINING, are fully accredited by the IPHM. As well as creating peace of mind about the exceptional high standards of our training programs, student benefits include guaranteed practitioner level membership upon completion of your training with us.


In other words, we care about your success and want to suport you on your journey to take the medicine of firewalking out into the world.

Our accredited Firewalk Facilitators have everything they need to run their own firewalks that are magnificent, safe, AND profitable.

Once qualified with the Wild Soul Tribe you join our movement to set the world on fire.

We’re dedicated to supporting you make it happen.

What others say about firewalk training with lottie

It’s almost impossible to put this training into words if you’re thinking about it, even for a moment, then don’t hesitate.

Lottie holds such a beautiful space for you to learn, and enjoy. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s frightening, and it’s beautiful.

Robert Stephenson

Fan The Flames Coaching

I had such an amazing experience in Ireland 

I’d love to repeat it.

Helen O'sullivan

Helen O'sullivan

It was such an honour for me to be a part of this journey. I would never imagine this training would have so much power.

I have shivers thinking about it, and love everyone involved deep in my heart.

Kriss Em

Shamanic Practitioner

Thank you so much for knowing your calling and sharing it with others. Inspired, excited, ignited!

Your medicine is a catalyst, and potent.

Treeka Amanita

Treeka Amanita

It’s been the most empowering course I’ve taken in a really long time.

I never thought I could feel this transformed in such a short space of time.

Kiki Mason

Ombodied Wellness

I highly recommend Firewalk Instructor Training with Lottie if you’re looking to achieve a new level

As an experienced coach training with Lottie punctuated a new chapter and repositioned me as a coach who definitely knows their stuff.

Marie J Taylor

Urban Earth Mother


If you’re ready to say YES to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity book your place now for your chance to join us and become Certified as a Firewalk Instructor over Easter Bank Holiday weekend – let’s work together to make this happen for you! The time you spend with us will not only transform your clients, but transform your holistic practioner and coaching career… As well as the way you view what you can create for yourself, forever.

With all of our certification courses, qualifying isn’t the end of the journey, it’s just the beginning of the next adventure – and adventure I’d like to take by your side.

We’re dedicated to supporting you to make it happen. 

PS If you’re already a qualified Firewalk Instructor, take a look at the FAQ at the bottom 



…gaining the qualifications and confidence to enable you to soar in your business.
…having access to an International array of experts in their field.
…doing a job that you actually love, it honestly doesn’t feel like work.



We are committed to creating a safe, non-dogmatic, space of cultural wellness, where each individual is honoured and encouraged. 

With all of our certification courses, qualifying isn’t the end of the journey, it’s just the beginning of the next adventure – and adventure I’d like to take by your side.

We’re dedicated to supporting you to make it happen. 

you will become certified in…

All styles of fire walking

We are experienced in leading all styles of Fire Walking, and will be passing on our expertise to you. Including – Spiritual Firewalk, Empowerment Firewalk, Fire Walking with children, and Fire Dance.

Our training covers everything from types of wood, building a fire, preparing the coal beds, raking, tending fires, and protecting the ground, to firewalk safety, presentation skills, and workshop timing –

 We will give you as much personal experience with the fire as possible, and guide you through the process of becoming the best equipped, confident, capable and inspiring Firewalk Instructor you can be!


Glass walking is an incredibly powerful metaphor, taking you deep into the heart of mindful practice. You’ve heard clients talk about “walking on eggshells” to describe the fragility of some relationships. Glass walking empowers your client to be in the moment, to feel and then to adjust and move on. Something that they *know* they should do, but are stuck on. Glass walking is fully transportable, enabling you to work 1-2-1 or with a group to overcome hidden fears and deeper issues around the world.

Board breaking

As any high level martial artist will tell you – board breaking is an instant mindset win. You instantly refire your neural pathways for success. This powerful metaphor leaves the client feeling incredible as they realise they can break their limiting beliefs. Board breaking is a powerful way to free your clients from their past to achieve their goals.

Arrow breaking

If your client can’t get out of their own way then Arrow Breaking is perfect. To place an arrow at the base of your throat and then break it means opening up to your vulnerabilities. Within minutes your clients will break free of the negative mindset and self-sabotaging behaviours. Arrow breaking is about emotional responses and you won’t be surprised when your clients want to keep their arrow heads as a symbol of their success!


Additional high impact breakthrough activities

We don’t want to give everything away too soon… but you’ll be leaving with a massive toolkit of activities you can use in either individual or group work, to enable you to get the results you only dream of, for your clients and your business.

What others say about Lottie

I Came Away Feeling Like A Warrior Queen
If you are looking for transformational self discovery and empowerment, then Lottie is your woman!

Esther Nagle

Balance and Breathe

Genuinely one of the best courses

Genuinely one of the best courses I’ve attended in years and all down to the professionalism and personalities of you both

Kat Beaver

British Army

Lottie offers exceptional training and mindset coaching

which allows you to step out of your comfort zone and realise your power and potential. You are in very safe hands.

Jo Baldwin-Trott

Jo Baldwin-Trott - Image Branding Consultant

Lottie changed my life
I did the impossible.  Broke barriers, reframed, let go…

How many people do you know that can make that happen?  Lottie can.

Martin Seville

Empathy Coaching

Totally beat my Tony Robbins Firewalk hands down
Lottie delivered the preparation for the group effortlessly ~ supportive, fun, engaging, and informative.  The firewalk was something else.

Laura Evans

Unleash Your Potential

The training content was outstanding

the tools, the skills, the space to reflect and work as a team. And have fun.

Training participant

Ministry of Defence

ready to get started?

click through to start your Firewalk instructor training easter adventure




While similar courses will have you carry out an activity once, then tell you that you are qualified to lead others through it, we will ensure you have all the input and support you need to be qualified, competent, confident, and legal to take these activities forward with your clients.

We’re dedicated to supporting you to make it happen. 

step 1

take part in the activity yourself

Whether you’ve done it before, or this is your first time, we’ll guide you through your fear to enable you to take part in each activity yourself..

There may be a few sweaty palms, and racing pulses in the room, but this is your chance to experience each activity as your client might.

step 2

practice leading the activity with others

With our expert support and mentoring, you’ll have as much time and opportunity as you need to practice leading each activity to get you to a place of confidence to take these forward in your own work.

This is your chance to perfect your patter, and find out what works (and what doesn’t), long before you take these activities before the public.

step 3

guidance for practical application

Which is the best metaphor for which occasion? And what is the best way to present it to be most impactful for different groups?

We’ll make sure you have all the answers to enable you to plan your own events with confidence and ease.

step 4

legals and documentation

We’ll make sure you’re really clear about what’s legal, how to get insured, and what’s best practice.

This will then all be added to your personal online resource library which, along with a plethora of other information, you can refer back to as often as you like.


Its stunning mix of quirky cabins, and hobbit hole lodges will leave you thinking you’ve stepped into your own Wonderland.

We are able to enjoy a rural setting where magic abounds, whilst still having good quality beds, bathrooms, and mod-cons.

We particularly recommend the Hot Tub or Sauna to relax and have time to process your journey with the Fire. Reconnection with this beautiful land creates a bliss-filled experience of awe for you as you learn and grow alongside others dedicated to being the change they want to see in the World.


OUR TRAINING IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU'LL FIND THIS LEVEL OF SUPPORT TO GROWING YOUR WILD SOULED HOLISTIC BUSINESS AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FIRE through marketing growth, personal growth, and impact growth... as well as gaining FREE access to the Wild Soul Fire Tribe, taking you deeper into the dance of the fire

Access to our incredible resource library. You’ll need information about insurance and other things after you’ve trained as a Firewalk Instructor and Breakthrough Empowerment Coach, as well as help getting all the resources in place to super-grow your Holistic Business.
Included for you

1-to-1 call with Lottie, before and after the training

1-to-1 mentoring for your first firewalk

EXCLUSIVE training from marketing and spiritual international leaders in their field

Included for you

FULL FOCUS on your skills leading to your success, in all areas of your business
Included for you

These Firewalk Instructor Certification Trainings are intimate spaces where Lottie dedicates time and attention to each individual participant.

This means places are highly limited, to avoid disappointment make sure you take the next step today…


DATES: April 17th-22nd

LOCATION: Castlebar, Co Mayo, West Ireland

COURSE COST: £2695, £4400 2 person booking

ACCOMMODATION & MEALS COST: €325 Shared Lodge or Hut

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Pay in full or by payment plan spread over the months until training

PS Dates don’t work for you? Click through to find details of our other Certification Trainings here


Frequently Asked Questions

i am a qualified firewalk instructor, will this be a good course for me?

As Firewalk Instructors, we all love to step into the incredible energy of the Fire whenever we can, and have the opportunity to ‘come play’ when we are not holding the Firewalk ourselves.

All previously qualified Firewalk Instructors are welcome at this course, and have so much to gain from learning from a Firewalker with such International experience – learning from Lottie’s knowledge and passion for the fire is not to be missed, as well as accessing the online resource library, and mentoring though your first Firewalk.

Lottie supports many people who have trained elsewhere to finally get out there and start holding their own Firewalks, and pricing is 10% discounted for those previously qualified as Firewalk instructors elsewhere.

If you’re looking to step into Spiritual Leadership, Lottie also offers the Wild Soul Spreacha (Irish for sparks) Program which runs alongside the Certification course, followed up with 1-to-1 online sessions.




Lottie has people from all over the World attend her trainings in Ireland, so wherever you find yourself, you are very welcome.

Learning from a teacher with such extensive knowledge and experience may call out to people wanting to go deeper in their work with the elements, wherever they are.

How much does this training cost?

The training is currently $3500/£2695 per person, or $5150/£4000 for two.

We are happy to offer payment plans if required, so do reach out if this training is calling to you.

The training also covers how to price your own firewalking events to assist you in making a return on your financial investment as quickly as possible.

when will i have my 1-to-1 with lottie?

Once your full payment is received you’ll be sent a link to Lottie’s online diary booker, where you can choose a time that works for you, whatever your time zone.

Your mentoring for your first Firewalk will be over WhatsApp throughout your preparation period.

How will i access the online material?

All your material will be fully accessible from any device that can access the internet.

You’ll receive the sign-up for this AFTER your live training, so it’s in place to support you as you move forward.

im still not sure, can we have a quick chat?


You can go ahead and book yourself a time that works for you here.

However, we cannot guarantee a place until your first payment is received, and as you can imagine, places book out fast, so if you know you want to come, but just want to get some extra details confirmed, book your place now and we can still run through any questions you have on a call afterwards.


April 17, 2025 @ 5:00 pm
April 22, 2025 @ 1:00 pm
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